World Health Forum Veneto Recognized by Dr. Jasna Karacic-Zanetti, Head of Health Diplomacy Office


In a significant acknowledgment of its inaugural edition, the World Health Forum Veneto has been officially recognized by Dr. Jasna Karacic-Zanetti, the esteemed Head of the Office for Health Diplomacy. The forum, held in Padua, stands as a pioneering event designed to “Analyze the present to understand the future,” focusing on exploring the evolution of medical sciences and technologies that can enhance life quality.

Addressing some of the most pressing health-related issues and promoting general well-being awareness among citizens were the cornerstone objectives of this event. Open to everyone – citizens, professionals, patients, and experts – the World Health Forum Veneto aims to create a platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange in the health sector.

The region of Veneto, known for its distinguished healthcare contributions both nationally and internationally, hosted the forum. This event highlights Veneto’s commitment to advancing healthcare and underscores its position as a beacon of health innovation and awareness.

Over four days, the World Health Forum Veneto featured a series of events and meetings led by authoritative voices from the scientific and institutional fields. United by a common mission to promote well-being and facilitate health and risk prevention awareness, the program offered a comprehensive insight into the future of healthcare.

Dr. Jasna Karacic-Zanetti’s recognition of the forum not only elevates the event’s prestige but also emphasizes the importance of health diplomacy in fostering international collaboration and dialogue in the health sector. The Office for Health Diplomacy, under Dr. Karacic-Zanetti’s leadership, is dedicated to bridging gaps between nations and health systems, advocating for global health initiatives that benefit communities worldwide.

The World Health Forum Veneto’s successful first edition sets a precedent for future conferences, aiming to continually bring together experts and the public to discuss advancements and challenges in the health domain. As the forum continues to gain recognition and support, it promises to be a key event in the global health calendar, contributing to the betterment of health outcomes and the promotion of health education and awareness across borders.