⭐ Call for Award “European Patient Ombudsman Award for the Best Medical Practice 2020”


➭ The nomination process for the year 2020 is now open!


Due to the current situation with the Covid 19 virus the deadline for application has been extended until 17.4.2021  and the event will be postponed to a time when it is again safe to travel and meet on an international and European level.

We encourage all doctors in clinical practice to apply!


⫸ Award Guidelines

The call for nomination is launched by the International Council of The Patient Ombudsman and European Medical Association, and supported by Progresso APM Consulting.

The purpose of the European Patient Ombudsman Award is to recognize European doctors who have made significant contributions and efforts that have influenced positive change in the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to acknowledge their struggles and achievements while battling the pandemic in these unprecedented times while risking their own health to help save lives and preserve patients’ quality of life.


⫸ Who is eligible for the European Patient Ombudsman Award?


You are eligible for the Award if you:

  • Work in a medical institution in the EU;
  • Have direct contact with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic in any department, including consultation, exams, surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures, and including units that are not exclusively for COVID-19 patients;
  • Your activities have a national or international impact with desirable criteria: publications and research on fighting COVID-19 and experience related to patient rights and safety;
  • You have communication and interpersonal skills, enjoy and benefit from working with others, nurture adaptability, learning, and constant development;
  • Complete appropriate nomination form link by 17.04.2021 (SUBMISSION FORM LINK)


After the commission election and decision, the list of Award finalists will be published online, and be brought to international attention, as a token of appreciation.

The selection process will result in one award that will be assigned to one medical doctor, and one award will be assigned to the winners’ European health institution!

The award ceremony and inauguration will take a place at the European parliament, at “The White-Coats Day” conference planned in 2021.

The winner will have an opportunity to discuss how the emergency has have been addressed by the European Union, highlighting critical issues that have been faced, in order to improve new measures and strategies for adoption in future events.


Please submit your nominations on 17.04.2021. at the latest!



contact:   info@patientombudsman.eu