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Welcome to the worldwide reference network for Health Diplomacy.

The global professional organization is unique and recognized as the leading authority for healthcare counselling  and advocacy, representing “Patients at the center of Healthcare, Research, and Development”

We are independent and fundamental in delivering quality and safety in medical care for patients and champion for justice in European health networks and worldwide partnerships.

We act as a policy institute that creates advantages and performs research and advocacy concerning health politics.

The research center seeks to play a key role in making and influencing global, regional, and national policy.

We publish articles, studies, draft legislation, and problem solution on healthcare. This information supports governments, businesses, the public sector, autonomous bodies, international agencies, media organizations, academic institutions, social movements, or other interest groups.

We share a common vision to improve education in respective sectors, as well as being sources of new ideas and research.

We provide expertise and generate policy research with Problem analysis, strategy formation, implementation, risk management, and forensic investigation!

We are part of the European Transparency Register, active in the European Parliament and we have Consultative status at the United Nations ECOSOC council. The trademark (copyright) is protected by the European Union intellectual property office with the number 018082600.

We want to change The world better – From idea to action!



Vision & Mission


To influence positive change in Europe’s health care system involving health sector organizations and patients – consumers together. It provides on the first place education to bring a scientific approach in consultancy relating to health diplomacy and health policy, active preparation of the legislation in the field of medical law makes recommendations in Legal services relating to patients’ rights and safety to improve experiences for all Europe.




Health Politics and Policy, Health Diplomacy, Medical Law, Healthcare management, Evidence-based medicine, Medical Education, Health Literacy, Scientific research, Public Health, Global Health, Patient Rights, Patient Safety, Patient adherence, Outcome monitoring, Bioethics, Forensic Science,  Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (ELSA), GDPR data protection in health




Patient Ombudsman Brings awareness to the healthcare system and providers, giving a motivation to do all the best, and encourages patients to be responsible and adherent. As a result of that is concepts of better communication and cooperation between healthcare providers and patients, decreasing complaints and increased satisfaction. The Patient Ombudsman is respectful and considerate of the dignity, privacy, and diversity of every person and can mediate when some problem occurs. Working in a professional, courteous way that respects all without exception with empathy and acknowledges with an approach that every experience is unique and responds to every person with compassion in order to promote and protect the rights of patients. We focus to provide high-quality service that adapts and improves as we learn by helping individuals and organizations facing problems by investigating complaints and proactively looking into broader systemic issues. The Patient Ombudsman is based in Italy, after taking the idea that comes from the Croatian association for the promotion of patient rights and It is related with scientific work to the Patients’ Rights Unit of UNESCO Chair in evidence-based medicine

For the current position as a Patient ombudsman on voluntary activity is appointed:


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” Patients at the center of Healthcare, Research and Development”